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The Curriculum For Success

By utilizing an extensive curriculum prepared by industry leaders here at our school, we teach individuals how to successfully take and pass the Rhode Island salesperson pre-license state test. We focus our attention on the important factors of the state exam, and on how to efficiently apply these elements in real life experiences within the real estate industry. The following is an outline of the curriculum that will be taught by Lead Instructor Joy Riley. 

The Real Estate Business


There is an ample amount of information one must grasp in order to compete in this evergrowing real estate market. The real estate business is more than just buying and selling property. In this section of the curriculum you will gain knowledge on the business as a whole: Real Estate Agency and Brokerage, Listing Agreements and Buyer Representation, Property Management and Investments,  Real Estate Math and Closing the Real Estate Transaction.


This, and much more, will give you the key factors of what a real estate agent must know in order to successfully work a transaction from start to finish. The real estate business is a huge portion of the required 45 hours a student must learn to pass the state exam. By successfully digesting this information, you will feel confident in passing your exam and in your future success in this field!

Real Estate Principles & Practices


A real estate agent follows specific principles and practices that sprout from fiduciary duties that one must understand and implement in their every day work. In this section you will obtain knowledge on how to be an ethical agent, as well as gain awareness on the principles and practices of professions that directly impact your transactions in this field: Financing, Appraisals, and Closing Agents/Attorney's. 


By understanding how to be an honorable agent, and with your knowledge of the businesses that impact the real estate market, you become an expert in this arena. Your clients will appreciate your professional opinion and respect your assessment of how they should move forward in their real estate endeavors.


Rhode Island Real Estate Laws


Real estate is local in nature, and with each location comes a different market along with different laws. Similarities will be found, but you must be aware of your specfic location and the laws that come with it. 


In Rhode Island we have many laws that effect everyone involved in a real estate transaction: buyers, sellers, and agents. You must be aware of these laws to protect yourself and your clients. By reviewing the lead laws and transaction laws, you will be able to articulate to your clients how they can legally and successfully cooperate in the real estate market. 

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