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The Westcott School Of Real Estate is the sister company of Westcott Properties, a well known successful Real Estate Agency here in Rhode Island. The school is run by the Principal Broker of Westcott Properties and taught by industry leaders in the Real Estate Business.


With the experienced educators at The Westcott School Of Real Estate, you are in good hands. As a student, you will gain real world knowledge on how to utilize the skills taught  in the class and how to be successful in Real Estate!




Phone:  401 421 5300 EXT 111

Contact Allie for more details and the most recent class schedule. 

Contact Admissions Today For The Course Schedule and More Info 

About Becoming A Real Estate Agent

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559 Broadway
Providence, RI 02909

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With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Joy brings a level of knowledge that surpasses many of her competitors.


Since 1986, Joy has provided exceptional service to Rhode Island investors, buyers, and sellers alike. She now continues to do so in her venture to spread knowledge of the real estate business in the classroom! With Professor Joy you will gain more than just the textbook worth of lessons! 


By incorporating her sophisticated industry background into the lessons, Joy immerses you into the world of real estate. She is a strong believer that real estate provides a way of life. " We aren't selling homes, we're selling lifestyle!" - Joy Riley.


Honorary Guest Speaker

Special Guest

Each month we will feature honorary guest speakers who are currently successors in the real estate industry.


These guest speakers will be able to provide students with real-world knowledge in their specialty and answer questions that are essential to the success of a new agent. 


You will come in contact with a variety of moving parts that make the real estate industry run: Agents, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Attorneys, and Investors! These are the everyday people you will be working with. Now's the time to get to know them!

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